Memorial hall of Inoh Tadataka

place : Sawara-I, Katori City

Memorial hall of Inoh Tadataka

Tadataka, Inoh (1745-1821) walked measuring the Japanese whole country after his 50's, and made the first accurate measurement Japan map (Ino chart) in the country. Measurement apparatus, Ino map, and the life of Tadataka are exhibited in the memorial. The maps which have accuracy and artistic beauty are must see. There is historic house of Inoh Tadataka in the opposite bank of Onogawa.

"Hina dolls of the Ino family" are exhibited at the season of Sawara town-walk for Hina dolls .

There is free parking area.

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Sawara area


Memorial hall of Inoh Tadataka
1722-1, Sawara-I, Katori City
The next day of national holiday, Mondays(When the Monday is holiday, closed next day) and Year end and new year
9:00 - 16:30
[admission] fee
Adult 500 yen(group [15 people or more] 450 yen each ). Below junior high school student 250 yen,(group [15 people or more] 200 yen each)

By train : Getting off at Sawara Station, JR Narita-line. And 15 minutes on foot

Please confirm the JR timetable.

By car : Higashi Kanto Expressway, 10 minutes from Sawara-Katori exit

By High-way bus: Kanto Railways Green Bus from Tokyo Station for Hokota-station, getting off at Yasaka.

Keisei bus, from Hamamatsu-cho, or Tokyo-station, by way of Sawara, for Choshi. Getting off at Sawara station north exit, and 20 minutes on foot.

free, 70 standard-sized cars
fish boiled in soy sauce, pickles, local sake, sweet potato cake, and Japanese cloth etc.
Memorial hall of Inoh Tadataka ; Tel.0478-54-1118


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