historic house of Inoh Tadataka

It is a house where Tadataka Inoh (1745-1821) who made an accurate Japanese maps for the first time in Japan lived for 30 years.

The storehouse is an old style.

Moreover, the store and the front gate have passed 200 years or more. These are old architecture also in Sawara.

Onogawa has the landing place. It is a terminal of the tour boat now.

The Study in an old house is told that Tadataka designed.

There is a rumor of having seen "Masked Palm Civet" in the vicinity !?

The Toyohoshi bridge spans between "Tadataka Inoh memorial hall".

It falls water from the bridge.

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historic house of Inoh Tadataka
1900-1, Sawara-I, Katori City
Year end and new year
9:00 - 16:30
[admission] fee

By train : Getting off at Sawara Station, JR Narita-line. And on foot 15 minutes from

Please confirm the JR timetable.

By car : Higashi Kanto Expressway, 10 minutes from Sawara-Katori exit

By High-way bus: Kanto Railways Green Bus from Tokyo Station for Hokota-station, getting off at Yasaka-mae

Keisei bus, from Hamamatsu-cho, or Tokyo-station, by way of Sawara, for Choshi, getting off at Sawara station north exit, and 20 minutes on foot.

free,(Memorial hall of Inoh Tadataka) 70 standard-sized cars
fish boiled in soy sauce, pickles, local sake, sweet potato cake, and Japanese cloth etc.
Memorial hall of Inoh Tadataka ; Tel. 0478-54-1118


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