place :377, Omigawa, Katori City

Omigawa Zenkouji-temple

There is a grave of Matsumoto Koshiro who was celebrated actor of kabuki, in the temple grounds.

Moreover, there is a stone monument of "Harakiri-sama" of the tragic legend.

It is said that this stone has power to accomplish love.

the tragic legend of "Harakiri-sama"

The Hiratsukas were one of the most wealthy merchant in Omigawa in 1770's.

Their shop was purveyor to the Uchida clan.

Only daughter Yayoi was a famous beautiful good-natured girl in Omigawa.

However, she got the intractable disease of an uncertain cause.

She becomes gradually thin and weak though doctors treated her variously.

At that time, a medical student Gen-no-shin from Edo was staying at the inn Yoshino-ya. The family requested the daughter's treatment to him.

Parents promised, "We will realize your hope anything if she recovered from the illness".

Gen-no-shin concentrated on treatment for two months. She recovered gradually, and the two came to love each other.

But the son of the government official in the clan fell in love Yayoi,and he obstructed the lovers. The parents would have violated their promise unavoidably.

Gen-no-shin committed hara-kiri suicide in front of the grave of the Hiratsuka family. Yayoi was not in time though she had followed him. She also died grieving for him.

Their face after death seemed to be very happy.

The people in the town rumored, "They were able to marry in the heaven".

The Hiratsuka family contributed the gate of the temple and put up a monument for praying for the two.

The monument came to be called "Harakiri-sama".

There is a legend of fulfilling the wish for love, and a lot of people are visiting.

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the monument of Matsumoto Koshiro the first
Omigawa area
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377, Omigawa, Katori City

By train : Getting off at Omigawa Station, JR Narita-line. And 10 minutes by Taxi

By car : Higashi Kanto Expressway 30 minutes from Sawara-Katori exit

Free parking for 5 standard-sized cars
Katori City city office of Omigawa Tel. 0478-50-1212


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