Sawara town-walk for Hina dolls

place : Machi-gurumi Museum at-home

Period : The middle of February- the middle of March (in ordinary year)

Time : Opening time of each shop


You can see the goods of the legend of merchants at The "Machi-gurumi Museum at-home" while walking in the town of Sawara where the look of the commercial town of Edo is left.

From February through March, "Sawara town-walk for Hina dolls" has been held as one of the special exhibitions.

The Hinan dolls made in the Edo and the Meiji era has been decorated at each shop.

A pink cloth at the storefront is a sign of the exhibition shop. Please enter the inside and see.

Note, a lot of shop is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Moreover, Hina dolls are decorated also at local facilities such as Memorial hall of Inoh Tadataka.

Hina dolls made in Edo period

Hina dolls

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