The Lotus flower festival in Sawara

place : Aquatic Botanical garden

Period : Saturday, May 31 - June 29(Sunday), 2008

Time : 8:00-19:00 (To 21:00 on Saturday and Sunday. )

Bright red Lotus that blooms gracefully

The botanical garden grows more than 300 kinds of lotuses, and the top of Japan in the number of kinds.

The lotus presented by Nanjing City in China is hardly seen in Japan.

A white, pink, yellow flower flower blooms gracefully on a vivid green leaf in July and August in the season.

The tea party of the lotus and the explanation by the doctor are held on Sunday and holiday for the period.

seeing lotus at early morning
Explanation of lotus
Cup like elephant's trunk
Service of lotus tes
July 6(Sunday) On   On On
July 13(Sunday) On   On On
July 20(Sunday) On   On On
July 21(holiday) On

※On the 21st if 20th is rainy

On On
July 27(Sunday) On   On On
August 3(Sunday) On   On On

You can drink local sake with the leaf of the lotus of the shape of the elephant's trunk at six o'clock on Sunday and holiday for the period.

And the tea of a fragrant lotus is served.

Please come to see the graceful lotus flower.

She is drinking sake with the leaf of a big lotus.

Graceful, lovely lotus flower -The Sawara Aquatic Botanical garden

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The Sawara Aquatic Botanical garden
Sawara area
Lotus flower festival


Lotus flower festival in Sawara
July 5(Saturday), 2008 - August 3(Sunday) * It has no holiday from May to August.
The Sawara Aquatic Botanical garden

Iris festival in Sawara 8:00-19:00(to 21:00 on the weekend)

Lotus flower festival 8:00 - 16:00

Other periods 9:00 - 16:30

[admission] fee

May-August, excpt Iris festival period : adult 500 yen (group [over 20] : 400yen each), below junior high school student : 250 yen,(group [20 people or more] : 200 yen each)

period of Iris festival: adult 700 yen (group [over 20] : 600 yen each), below junior high school student: 350 yen(group [over 20]: 300 yen each)

September-April : adult 200 yen (group [over 20] : 150 yen each), below junior high school student: 100 yen(group [over 20]: 70 yen each)


By train and bus : Getting off at Sawara Station, JR Narita-line. And on Kan-Tetsu sightseeing bus for Itako, getting off at Aquatic Botanical garden, 5 minutes on foot.

the bus : about six a day.

By car : Higashi Kanto Expressway, 20 minutes from Sawara-Katori exit, or 25 minutes from Taiei exit.

By High-way bus: Kanto Railways Green Bus from Tokyo Station for Hokota-station, getting off at Yodaura, Aquatic Botanical garden, 5 minutes on foot.

Keisei bus, from Hamamatsu-cho, or Tokyo-station, by way of Sawara, for Choshi, getting off at Sawara station north exit.

The shuttle bus has been operated from Sawara Station to the garden for the Iris festival period. (adult 500 yen)

Free parking, 1000 standard-sized cars, 40 large-size cars
fish boiled in soy sauce, pickles, local sake, sweet potato cake, and Japanese cloth etc.
Katori City Sightseeing division; Tel.0478-50-1212
The Sawara Aquatic Botanical garden; Tel.0478-56-0411
There is a rest room for the physically handicapped person.


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