Will you come to want to challenge something new on traveling?

It is also good to do an experience different from always, in a place different from always.

Ko-Edo Sawara, Onogawa, town, and river boat.

Onogawa and river boat.

A scene of historical town from the river is enough emotion. The boatwoman explains Onogawa and the history of Sawara. The kotatsu is attached on the boat in winter. People will wave to you.

Operating hours are 9:00 to 16:00. (to 17:00 in summer.)


Adult 1200 yen and child 600 yen

Sawara Hariko, carton pierre, MIURA-YA

Sawara Hariko

Prefecturally designated traditional craft goods

The 12 bridges at Kato-zu

The 12 bridges at Kato-zu

The time required is about 50 minutes.

Charge 6500 yen(Up to five people per one boat)

1300 yen a person over five people on a boat

Sweet potato digging experience (rest stop Kurimoto)

Sweet potato digging

Blueberry picking (rest stop Kurimoto)



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