The Historic streets of Sawara

Sawara that prospers by using water transportation. People took the culture of Edo, and had sublimed it to the unique culture.

It was admitted to preserve the history spectacle, and to work on the city planning that made the best use of it, and was selected to "Important, traditional Groups of buildings preservation district" for the first time in Kanto in December, 1996.

There are a lot of shops that succeed the family business from old times and keep doing business now.

小野川沿い 町並みの写真

Officially-designated historical site

historic house of Inoh Tadataka

house of Inoh Tadataka

The main building and the store where Tadataka Inoh lived have been left as it is. The main building is said that Tadataka designed in 1793.

Tadataka became the adopted son of the Inoh family at the age of 18, retired at the age of 50, studied astronomy and the geography, and completed an accurate Japanese map. He is a great man who boasts to the world of the Sawara birth.

Chiba Prefecture cultural asset



European-style building of two stories. The brick imported from Britain is used.

There is a corridor in the second floor surroundings.

The roof is covered with the sheet copper. The dome has been installed in the front.



It is established in 1804, on the eighth generation now.

The building is a lofty mud wall making.

There is a courtyard on the back side of the store, and the cultural asset has been opened to the public in general.

It remains merchant's typical in Edo period.

The constructions



The main prop of zelcova, windows with doors of clay paint, the signboard of "the climb dragon and descending dragon's sculpture" atract attention.

The threefold doors gives fire prevention.

It is a splendid profound, massive building.

The construction








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