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The rose garden Uzawa

April 15, 2008

report from Kurimoto by TAKAHASHI, Shizue

I introduce popular spot among those who love roses.

It is in touch of "the rest stop Kurimoto". You can see The rosery along the road.The owner is Mr.Uzawa in the photograph above. He began to make the rosery seven years ago in front of home that was forest before. When the kind of the rose is not so much, an elderly person of the wheelchair came with the family seemed to be impressed by the beauty of the rose flower, and to have thrown tears. Uzawa was surprised at the scene, saying that "Can the rose flower make the person impressed like this? I want to make a lot of flowers bloom, so that many people to be pleased."

Recently, the people who heared the rumor come from Tokyo. There are 350 kinds of roses in the rosery now. The maintenance of the rose is serious. He is devising the passage so that a man in a wheelchair may pass. He changes the layout in the garden little by little every year so that people who visit may enjoy it.

It is coming the most colorful, busy season for Rosegarden uzawa which is opened free of charge.

Gathering edible wild plants in spring

May 3, 2008

report from Kurimoto by TAKAHASHI, Shizue

Bamboo shoots began to appear in the hillback. It seems to be a little earlier than the ordinary year. Warm days and cold days came alternately, the spring seems to go and to come this year. And accordingly, we were able to enjoy cherry blossoms fairly long.

The vicinity came to dig up bamboo shoots after the rain, on April 11 afternoon. I also went together with the digital camera. A yellow buds piled up the soil little bit in the place where sunshiny spots. "It is. I found it here." Looking for bamboo shoots might be happier than digging up it.

A lot of Warabi [bracken shoots] budded in the open field, the felon herb and the Taranome also, in front of the bamboo grove.In this time of every year, I invite friends, and enjoy picking mountain herbs, digging up bamboo shoots, cooking the tempura of the harvestry.

Clear air and rich nature. It is my favorite season for enjoying the country living.

200 years old, two people in total

April 1, 2008

report from Kurimoto by TAKAHASHI, Shizue

200 years old, two people in total

Do you know such wonderful women live in Kurimoto? Two people were born in 1908. They are 100 years old this year, Ms.SHIINA, Masuyo (right of the photograph) on March 6 and Ms.ISHIBASHI, Haru (left) on March 24. Both two are looking forward to meet at the service center twice a week.

"When we were children, we attended school putting on "Niko-niko kasuri [cloth of splashed patterns]. " Of course, I don't know "Niko-niko kasuri".

"The number of classmates has already decreased. " I think it might be so.

Hearing the conversation, I feel I could see the old scenery at that time.

Strangely, I felt girls' look in the faces in the couple who talked about 100 years ago.


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