Katori, my favorite

Various faces of Katori

People who related to the city introduce the charm of Katori and their favorite places.

Reports from Sawara area

guide : HIRATSUKA, Tomoko

I am a sub-chairman of "Sawara Okami-san-kai" [association of proprietress] now.

18 years have already passed since I married an old mercery in Sawara. The charm of Sawara has been naturally discovered one after another now. I would like a lot of people to learn the charm of this town.

I hope you enjoy it.

Reports from Omigawa area

guide : KUBOYA, Katsushi

I live in Omigawa since August, 1975. 33 years have already passed.

Once you live in a place, it grows on you.

I learnt the history of the hometown by classroom "Hometown course" of the lifelong learning after retirement.

I like to go out to stroll with the digital camera.

Reports from Yamada area

guide : "Hikari"

I am a housewife, 40's, and living in Katori City Yamada Ward.

Reports from Kurimoto area

guide : TAKAHASHI, Shizue

I live in Katori City Kurimoto Ward. There is bamboo grove in the hillback in my house.

My character is gentle and severe. To tell the truth, shy of strangers.

impressive experience:

I went to see a Kabuki play in March.

I was impressed by the stage of Kanzaburo Nakamura, who has high artistry in humorous gestures.

I want to go to see again.


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